A recent study by researchers from REPROCELL found that IBD patients display different drug absorption profiles to healthy individuals. This is the first time that drug absorption has been estimated using inflamed GI tissue from this patient group. A similar study, performed by Keio University, estimated drug absorption in healthy areas of GI tissue from ulcerative colitis (UC) donors.

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Glasgow, UK: REPROCELL (Biopta) today announced that they can predict test article permeability using gastrointestinal (GI) resections from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) donors. This service, which is first of its kind to market, will allow ADME/DMPK scientists to estimate compound permeability in living human IBD tissue.

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Lantern Pharma a clinical stage oncology biotech leveraging A.I. and machine learning genomics company has selected REPROCELL Inc. to provide drug screening and drug sensitivity services.

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Axion BioSystems, Inc., the world leader in multi-well microelectrode array (MEA) systems, has announced REPROCELL as the new distributor of its Maestro systems and consumables in Japan.

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REPROCELL’s BioServe and Biopta tissue procurement networks combine to create a new service isolating human primary cells.

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On Tuesday 20th March 2018 REPROCELL Europe Ltd’s CEO Dr David Bunton appeared in front of the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee at the Scottish Parliament to discuss Scotland’s Economic performance.  He was also joined by:

• Dr Diane Harbison, CEO, of Stratified Medicine Scotland

• Claire Mack, CEO, of Scottish Renewables

• Gareth Wynn, Stakeholder and Communications Director, Oil & Gas UK

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REPROCELL’s Alvetex, a scaffold for 3D cell culture and bioengineered tissue models, is in the Durham University (UK) News yesterday, at

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