New Cell Therapies for Central Nervous System Diseases Using IPSC-Derived Products

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Stem Cell Therapy, iPSC, Neurons

Notice concerning the publication of a paper concerning “3D culture model construction of mouse neurons” from a company in our group in the international neuroscience journal ‘Neuroscience Letters’

  • Company: REPROCELL,Inc. (JASDAQ Company code: 4978)
  • Representative: Chikafumi Yokoyama, PhD
  • Contact:

We are writing to inform you that a paper on the topic of “3D culture model construction of mouse neurons”, written by a company pertaining to our group, Reinnervate (UK) [now REPROCELL Europe], along with other contributors including Durham University (UK), who are engaged in cutting-edge research in the field of biotechnology, has recently been published in the ‘Neuroscience Letters’, a leading international journal.

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